WASCOP represents its members at the federal, state, and local level through members serving on boards, commissions, and coalitions, representation at the Wyoming State Legislature, and charitable activity across the state on behalf of our members.


The objectives of the Wyoming Association of Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police are to:

  • Foster and develop professionalism and integrity within the Wyoming Law Enforcement community
  • Identify and advance positive change within the law enforcement profession
  • Enhance communications between the public, law enforcement agencies, and other governmental entities 
  • Provide leadership on all law enforcement issues within the State of Wyoming.


Objective and Purpose

To consider and deal by all lawful means with common problems involved in the delivery of executive and management services to public law enforcement agencies located within the geographic boundaries of the State of Wyoming and to secure cooperative action in advancing the common purpose of the members of the association. To do anything necessary and proper for the accomplishment of such a purpose.


The Association holds membership meetings twice a year. The first meeting of the year is in conjunction with the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy Administrators Conference each April, and the second is in conjunction with the Wyoming Peace Officer’s Association in September. Other meetings of the executive board and committees are held throughout the year.


Several committees help the association in conducting work throughout the State of Wyoming to fulfill the mission of the organization. The committees are:

- Legislative
- Training and Education
- Law Enforcement Issues
- Finance
- Academy Advisory Committee