Alcohol and Crime in Wyoming

Since 2005 WASCOP has been collecting and evaluating alcohol-related arrest data gathered from all 23 counties in Wyoming. That data is compiled into a report that contains alcohol-related information collected in all 23 counties in Wyoming during a twelve-month time period by the Wyoming Association of Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police. The alcohol-related arrest data contained in this report provides a detailed, statistical picture of the impact of alcohol abuse on crime in Wyoming. Since 2005 information has been collected from a total of 99,872 persons who were arrested and subsequently detained in a detention facility in Wyoming. A sufficient amount of alcohol-related arrest data has now been collected during the course of these past seven years which can be analyzed for the purpose of identifying trends in alcohol involvement in crime in Wyoming. Consistent patterns of alcohol involvement for certain crimes are now more evident and the times when these crimes are occurring more predictable. This data is made available to law enforcement, policy makers and community leaders to further inform their efforts to improve public safety and reduce the harmful effects of alcohol abuse in their communities. WASCOP undertakes this project in partnership with the Wyoming Department of Transportation Highway Safety Office. WASCOP funds the collection of data and WYDOT Highway Safety program funds the analysis, publishing and distribution of the report.