Executive Development Training

WASCOP seeks to provide executive and management services to public law enforcement agencies in Wyoming. The provision of executive development services is one of the main goals of WASCOP and occupies an on-going prominent place in WASCOP’s Strategic Plan. One of these services is training to develop our future law enforcement leaders. WASCOP has undertaken to provide to its members free training that will develop leadership, management and executive skills; promote professionalism and integrity; and equip our law enforcement leaders to better serve their communities.

In 2010 and 2011 WASCOP hosted Stephen Kent of The Results Group Ltd. and his ‘Executive Academy’. In these two sessions nearly 100 Wyoming law enforcement leaders received this training. In 2012 WASCOP partnered with the International Association of Chiefs of Police to provide 20 hours of free leadership training at the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy. This training, Leading by Legacy, equipped 28 law enforcement leaders in the area of individual leadership skills, organizational leadership and community leadership.

WASCOP is also a supporter of the WLEA Administrator’s Conference which draws over 100 law enforcement leaders each year and U.S. Attorney’s Office Law Enforcement Coordinating Committee. The LECC brings together federal, state, and local law enforcement personnel for training in areas of common concern.