Iris Scan

Iris recognition biometric technology positively determines the identity of an individual by capturing a high-resolution digital photograph of an individual’s iris. The technology can tell the difference between twins or even an individual’s right and left eye. The technology is non- intrusive. An image of the iris is captured by simply looking into the camera. Iris Scan is part of The Child Project and Senior Safety Net. The systems enable law enforcement agencies to enroll, identify and locate missing children and adults through the use of iris recognition biometric technology.

The Iris Scan technology was secured through a federal grant and provided at no cost to Wyoming tax payers. The Child Project and Senior Safety Net is a secure nationwide network and registry that enables law enforcement agencies to enroll, locate and positively identify missing children and adults with iris biometric recognition technology. Through this network, The Child Project and Senior Safety Net compares the unique features contained in the iris against a database of individuals who voluntarily enroll throughout the country to determine identity. Participation is entirely voluntary, just as it is now with fingerprint and photo ID card programs.”