Definition: The ability to make considered decisions and come to sensible conclusions


Consider these suggestions when honing your judgment skills:

  • Identification–identify the purpose of your decision; what exactly is the problem to be solved?

  • Information–gather information on the factors involved in the issue

  • Brainstorm–generate ideas for possible solutions

  • Analyze–weigh the costs an benefits of each possible solution

  • Judge–exercise your judgment and make a decision based on the available information

  • Evaluate–assess the outcome of the issue, and determine if your solution was optimal

Making your own decisions and accepting the consequences is the only way to stay in control of your time, your success, and your life
— Time Management Guide

Self-Directed Learning Activities

Relevant Readings:


  • Tichy, N.M., & Bennis, W.G. (2009). Judgment: How winning leaders make great calls. New York: Penguin Group Inc.

Guided Learning Activities


  • The next time you need to make a difficult decision, implement the decision tree analysis tool to assist your efforts (http://www.time-management-guide.com/decision-tree.html). This tool will help you comprehensively assess the situation, the important factors, and every possible option, and it will help you come to the best conclusion. Use one of the Learning Journals to reflect after practicing decision tree analysis.

  • Before making an important decision, do a cost-benefit analysis and list out the pros and cons of each course of action. Be as objective as possible, and try to create a comprehensive list of options and their respective outcomes. Once you’ve listed everything out, get input from a supervisor to ensure that you have included all important factors, and then make the final decision. Use one of the Learning Journals to reflect after practicing the cost-benefit analysis. Assess what went right and where you could improve, and analyze the overall outcome of your decision.

Formal Training/Education

School and Course Module(s):

  • Northwest College:

CO/M 2015 -Leadership Skills: This course is designed to educate specified groups in effective leadership skills. Includes discussion and practice in teamwork, communication, critical thinking and problem solving, planning, conflict management, and social responsibility.

  • Laramie County Community College:

CO/M 2120 Small Group Communication: Students develop group communication skills focusing on topics such as group decision making and problem solving techniques, group development and cohesion, conflict management, and leadership principles.