Juvenile Detention Standards

In 2010 the Wyoming Legislature passed legislation that required Wyoming Sheriffs to develop uniform detention standards for secure and non-secure facilities that house juveniles in the State of Wyoming. These standards are required to be specific to Wyoming State Statute and reported to the Joint Judiciary Interim Committee by November 15, 2012. WASCOP, on behalf of Wyoming Sheriffs, through our Detention Advisory Committee has undertaken the development of legal based standards to meet this legislative mandate. This standard will provide uniform standards and protocols that are in compliance with Wyoming law and will meet the needs of Wyoming communities.

During this time the Legislature also required Wyoming law enforcement officers to complete a juvenile detention risk assessment form for screening juveniles prior to making a detention decision. The purpose of this screening is to determine the most appropriate course of action with each juvenile in the custody of a law enforcement agency and help determine if the juvenile should be directed to secure detention, non-secure detention or released to alternative care. Furthermore, this assessment will provide for the county attorney’s involvement in the initial decision making process. WASCOP developed this form and protocols for use and reporting that has been in use statewide for two years. The Wyoming Department of Family Services takes receives this data and from it generates a report to the Wyoming State Legislature.