WASCOP Underage Drinking Media Campaign:  Let’s Be the Influence

The WASCOP campaign, operating under the theme of ‘Let’s Be the Influence’ is directed at equipping parents with the ability to engage their children in an effective manner around the issue of underage drinking.  The campaign focuses on three main strategies; small conversations, being engaged, and setting the example.  These strategies were developed by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) in their ‘Talk, They Hear You’ campaign.  It is intended to compliment and leverage momentum developed by the First Lady’s Campaign, ‘Talk Early and Often’ which encourages parents to engage their children in conversation regarding underage drinking. 

Design Materials

The design materials are graphic designs for print materials.  There are 4 types of design materials that are created to be placed in one of four settings; billboards, brochures, posters and social media banners (Facebook page).  Within each design format each of the three themes of conversation, engagement and example are represented. 






 There are 4, 30 second PSAs for radio.  Two are on the subject of conversation, one on engagement and one on example.

Small Conversations-

                  The small conversations strategy is designed to equip parents to begin talking to their children regarding underage drinking with age appropriate conversations as early as 9 years old.  These conversations are more effective if they are short in duration, age appropriate in subject matter, and occur frequently over the course of the child’s youth until they reach adulthood.  This strategy is based on research that indicates that 83% of youth 10-18 years of age indicated their parents were the leading influence in their decision not to drink.


                  Example is the concept of parents setting a proper example regarding underage drinking and responsible alcohol use in general through their own behavior and attitudes.  It encourages parents to convey attitudes that make it clear underage drinking is unacceptable and not condoned.  It encourages parents to set a proper example regarding their own use of alcohol by not over-consuming, limiting consumption in the presence of underage persons, and not engaging in risky behavior such as drinking and driving.  It drives home the point that the parent’s example must be consistent with the conversations they have with their children regarding underage drinking.


                  Engagement is the concept of parents being engaged in the lives of their children.  As it relates to underage drinking it will include setting parental expectations regarding underage drinking, establishing boundaries and rules, enforcing the rules, continually talking to your child about underage drinking and other issues, knowing who their friends are, where they are, and what they are doing.  It promotes the process of being intimately involved in their lives as the single greatest influence directing them toward wise living.


 There are 5 video clips.  There is a 60 second video clip on conversation and example.  These are suitable for web placement.  There are 2, 30 second video clips; two on example and one on engagement.  These are suitable for web or TV placement.

To receive media materials or for further information contact:

 Executive Officer
Tim Feathers
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