Wyoming Association of Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police

Supervisor Development Project

The Supervisor Development Project (SDP) is a first step in developing the next generation of Wyoming’s law enforcement leadership.  The SDP will provide a diagnostic tool to identify leadership and supervision strengths and weaknesses of an individual, provide feedback to the individual, and a report and recommended development activities for the individual and the agency head.  The purpose of the SDP is to begin the process of developing aspiring leaders.  Leadership development is a change process that involves knowledge of self, knowledge of effective leadership and supervision, honest self-evaluation and a commitment to growth.  The SDP provides one component, knowledge of self, through a set of diagnostic tools designed to identify strengths and opportunities for growth related to effective supervision.  It is intended to provide feedback to the person regarding strengths and weaknesses creating self-awareness; and recommendations for activities that provide opportunity for potential improvement intended to capitalize on strengths and build competency in areas of weakness.

The diagnostic consists of one job simulation instrument, an in-basket, 4 situational judgment tests, and a Leadership Essay.  These instruments assess qualities that are related to effective supervision.  The instruments are designed to be remotely administered through WLEAs on-line learning platform.  A WASCOP representative trained in the administration and scoring of the instrument will administer, score and give feedback, preferably the next day, via video-conferencing.

A diagnostic report to give feedback to the candidate and a standardized final report with the identified strengths, opportunities for growth, and recommended development activities will be provided to the candidate.  Recommendations for development activities will involve a three-prong approach of guided experience, self-directed learning, and formal education/training.  Heavy emphasis will be placed on guided experience as research shows that 70% of effective leadership development occurs through guided experience.  A resource list of available reading, on-line videos/webinars/etc, training available in our area (including but not limited to WLEA’s Leadership Development course offerings), and potential guided experiences to suggest is available to all agencies on the WASCOP website.  Included in this resource page are helpful tools for the mentors of aspiring leaders including templates and instructions for development planning tools and tips on effective coaching and mentoring.

The Supervisor Development Project became available to agencies statewide October 1, 2016.

Applications for the SDP can be downloaded HERE.

Please fill out and email the application to tfeathers@wascop.com for access to the Supervisor Development Program.

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