Wyoming Alcohol Use Issues Survey 2006

WASCOP supported the completion of this survey by Johnson and Associates to identify public concerns regarding alcohol abuse in Wyoming. EUDL funds were used to partially fund this project. The survey probes issues such as; What is the opinion of Wyoming residents about alcohol use in Wyoming? Is there concern that alcohol abuse is on the rise and becoming a serious problem in our state? Is underage drinking also a problem? And, is drinking and driving an increasing problem in our communities? Are Wyoming residents really concerned about these issues? If so, which policies or laws directed at reducing these abuses would Wyoming residents support? Wyoming statistics in regard to these alcohol issues appear to validate the concerns expressed by Wyoming residents recently. From April through August of 2006, a total of 4,699 residents from every county in Wyoming participated in a comprehensive opinion survey regarding these issues. This phone survey was conducted by the Wyoming Survey and Analysis Center of the University of Wyoming.

The results of this survey were published in a report entitled “Wyoming Alcohol Use Issues Survey 2006.” This report provides statewide, as well as county-by county statistics of opinions voiced by Wyoming residents. The report provides the reality about alcohol usage in Wyomingalong with the relative opinions expressed by residents during the survey. The full 137 page report can be viewed and downloaded from the following websites:


These survey results have been valuable in educating and informing community leaders and stakeholders as they seek to develop healthy public policy. WASCOP has undertaken to replicate this survey in 2012. The 2012 survey data will soon be available and will have updated information and be available for comparing the 2006 and 2012 data.