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About Us

WASCOP represents its members at the federal, state, and local level through members serving on boards, commissions, and coalitions, representation at the Wyoming State Legislature, and charitable activity across the state on behalf of our members.

Objectives and Purpose

To consider and deal by all lawful means with common problems involved in the delivery of executive and management services to public law enforcement agencies located within the geographic boundaries of the State of Wyoming and to secure cooperative action in advancing the common purpose of the members of the association. To do anything necessary and proper for the accomplishment of such a purpose.


The Association holds membership meetings three times a year. The first meeting of the year is in conjunction with the WASCOP Leadership Conference each April, and the second is in conjunction with the Wyoming Peace Officer’s Association in September. Other meetings of the executive board and committees are held throughout the year.


Several committees help the association in conducting work throughout the State of Wyoming to fulfill the mission of the organization.

The committees are:

- Legislative
- Training and Education
- Law Enforcement Issues
- Finance
- Academy Advisory Committee

Legislative Activity

WASCOP is responsive to the needs and requests of the Wyoming State Legislature for information on public safety issues. WASCOP’s primary activity is to provide information to individual legislators and committees as they consider legislation. WASCOP monitors committee activity, proposed legislation, and provide testimony for clarification of issues as our Legislature considers laws and policies that affect public safety and law enforcement statewide. 




Jeff Hodge

Crook County Sheriff's Office

Crook Cty.jpg

First Vice President

Todd Byerly

Douglas Police Department

Douglas PD.jpg

Second Vice President

John Grossnickle

Sweetwater County Sheriff's Office

2019 Badge - Sheriff with Wyoming Banner

Third Vice President

Travis Koltiska

Sheridan Police Department

Sheridan PD.png

Fourth Vice President

KC Lehr

Sublette County Sheriff's Office



Shane Johnson

Lincoln County Sheriff's Office

download (1).jpg

Fifth Vice President

Mark Francisco

Cheyenne Police Department

download (1).png

Allen Thompson

Executive Director

PO Box 341

Big Horn, WY 82833


Lori Emmert


Executive Officer

PO Box 481

Douglas, WY 82633


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