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Managing Public Protests:

Managing Complexity and Ensuring Preparedness

In this episode of the Guardian Mindset Podcast, Attorney Eric Daigle and special guest Captain (Ret.) Spencer Fomby discuss the intricacies of managing public protests. The podcast delves into the complexities of managing public protests, emphasizing the critical role of comprehensive training for officers and civilian leaders in charge. 

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Daigle Law Legal Updates


Privacy or Probation...
February 13, 2024

The Second Circuit Court of Appeals recently decided United States v. Lajeunesse, a case that deals with probationers and parolees rights.1 This case is pivotal in understanding the interplay between the right to privacy under the Fourth Amendment and the supervisory needs of law enforcement and offers guidance on warrantless searches of electronic devices belonging to individuals on probation or parole

Truck Troubles in the Tenth Circuit
January 18, 2024

In United States v. Ramos, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals recently considered challenges concerning the scope of the community-caretaking exception as it applies to warrantless inventory searches of vehicles.


Unpacking Fourth Amendment Tensions...
October 31, 2023

The Second Circuit Court of Appeals, in the case of United States v. Hagood, recently explored the delicate balance between law enforcement prerogatives and Fourth Amendment protections.


Hotel havoc amid Fourth Amendment Search
February 6, 2024

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals recently rendered a decision in United States v. Montalvo Flores, examining the extent of an individual’s Fourth Amendment rights, and addressing whether an unauthorized driver has a reasonable expectation of privacy in a rental car


Bullets, Breaches, and Broken Deadbolts
January 9, 2024

The United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit recently decided United States v. Maxwell, a case that challenges the scope of the Exigent Circumstances doctrine during a 90 second, warrantless search at an Illinois apartment complex


Navigating the Slippery Slope of Free Speech and Retaliation...
October 26, 2023

The Eight Circuit’s recent decision in Murphy v. Schmitt highlights the fine balance between the First Amendment right to free speech, retaliatory claims, unlawful detention, and the discretionary powers of law enforcement officers.

Property, Pursuit, Peril...
January 23, 2024

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals recently decided Sabbe v. Washington County, a case that made its way to the Circuit after law enforcement responded to a disturbance call and executed a PIT maneuver, in attempts to seize a hostile individual from their own private property.


Examining the Good Faith Exception in Probable Cause...
December 14, 2023

This case made its way to the Sixth Circuit after the defendant, Alejandro Daniel, was indicted for conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute one kilogram or more of a controlled substance containing heroin. 

Deadlifts, De-escalation, and Deadly Force...
October 17, 2023

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, in the case of Smith v. Agdeppa, recently explored the parameters of qualified immunity in a case where two police officers faced an intense confrontation with a suspect at a Los Angeles Gym.



The Vital Role of the First Amendment in Law Enforcement

The First Amendment guarantees freedoms of religion, expression, assembly, and petition. Its implications on Law Enforcement and Corrections Operations have been addressed by the Supreme Court in recent years. Do you have proper policies and effective training for First Amendment activities?

First Amendment Legal Updates:

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