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Managing Public Protests:

Managing Complexity and Ensuring Preparedness

In this episode of the Guardian Mindset Podcast, Attorney Eric Daigle and special guest Captain (Ret.) Spencer Fomby discuss the intricacies of managing public protests. The podcast delves into the complexities of managing public protests, emphasizing the critical role of comprehensive training for officers and civilian leaders in charge. 

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Daigle Law Legal Updates


Orders Under Fire...
September 27, 2023

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals presented a decision in Franklin v. City of Charlotte, a case that emphasizes the tensions between police response and perceived threats, while considering the potential pitfalls of ambiguous or conflicting officer commands.


Impersonation to Impoundment...
August 16, 2023

In the landscape of modern law enforcement, a recent ruling from the Sixth Circuit Court has cast a spotlight on the complex interplay between the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments and the doctrine of Qualified Immunity.


Balancing First Amendment Rights...
July 25, 2023

The Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit issued a decision in Friend v. Gasparino, a case that grapples with alleged violations of an individual’s First, Fourth, and Fourteenth Amendment rights following the arrest of citizen Michael Friend, for displaying a sign on a public sidewalk that warned drivers of a police operation ahead.


Canine Conundrum...
August 24, 2023

The Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit issued a decision in Putman v. Harris, a case that centers on an alleged use of excessive force during the seizure of a potentially armed person, threatening self-harm and suicide.


Inevitable Discovery Doctrine and Fourth Amendment Limits...
August 8, 2023

The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals recently considered the scope of the Fourth Amendment protections in the context of a warrantless search not incident to arrest, and the applicability of the inevitable discovery exception to the Exclusionary Rule


From Trespassing to Testimony...
July 11, 2023

In United States v. Leggette, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals evaluated whether the defendant, Dwayne Leggette, was subjected to custodial interrogation by police officers in a public park after hours, thereby necessitating the provision of Miranda warnings.


Between Silence and Speech...
August 23, 2023

The Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit issued a decision in United States v. Woolridge, a case that addresses the issue of voluntary confessions and the application of Miranda warnings.

Piecing Together Proximity, Behavior, and Statements...
August 1, 2023

In United States v. Roper, the court dealt with the issue of reasonable suspicion in the context of a police officer stop and search. This case provides valuable insights for law enforcement officers, shedding light on the factors contributing to reasonable suspicion during a police stop.


Traffic Stop Turmoil...
July 18, 2023

In United States v. Batara-Molina, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals addressed the issue of whether a traffic stop was unlawfully prolonged for a canine sniff lacking reasonable suspicion, in violation of the Fourth Amendment.


The Vital Role of the First Amendment in Law Enforcement

The First Amendment guarantees freedoms of religion, expression, assembly, and petition. Its implications on Law Enforcement and Corrections Operations have been addressed by the Supreme Court in recent years. Do you have proper policies and effective training for First Amendment activities?

First Amendment Legal Updates:

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