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"On behalf of the hardworking and dedicated staff at Daigle Law Group, I would like to introduce you to our virtual DLG Learning Center and our online Training Program. Our firm specializes in the legal and operational issues facing Law Enforcement, Corrections, and the Security industry. DLG has conducted engaging and informative training for over twenty years with a simple concept: Knowledge is Power!

Daigle Law Group offers a full suite of Distance Learning programs through our Learning Center. Programs include our Live Virtual Internal Affairs class, Path of the Guardian training series, an Accreditation Manager Certification Program, and a robust course catalog of on-demand courses to choose from.

We must find a way to move forward together. The DLG Learning Center provides your law enforcement agency with engaging and effective online-based training courses that adapt to changing expectations in real-time."

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Daigle Law Legal Updates


The Reasonable Scope of a Traffic Stop
May 18, 2022

Our case today deals with a traffic stop turned Terry stop because of a cracked windshield. It is important to note that according to Eighth Circuit case law, an officer’s “incomplete initial observations may give reasonable suspicion for a traffic stop,” even if subsequent examination reveals no traffic law violation.”

SCOTUS makes it easier to sue police and prosecution...
April 6, 2022

On April 4th, 2022, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS), in the matter of Thompson v. Clark[1], held that for purposes of a Fourth Amendment claim under § 1983 for malicious prosecution, a plaintiff is not required to show that the criminal prosecution ended with an affirmative indication of innocence. 

Knock & Talks, Curtilage and the Fourth Amendment
March 8, 2022

Coming to us from the First Circuit, the facts of this case surround harassment, a knock and talk, and of course, the Fourth Amendment

Qualified Immunity and the Three Factors of Force
April 19, 2022

Our case today, from the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit, outlines qualified immunity and excessive use of force. 

What happened to the perception of the officer?
April 5, 2022

Over the past few weeks, I have seen more and more articles regarding the policy of allowing police officers to view video of an incident before writing their use of force report, which is incredibly concerning.

It's all in the hips: Suspect's Suspicious Movements...
March 1, 2022

The facts surrounding our case today happened in a high crime area where officers had previously stated that they had personally responded to shootings, stabbings, and homicides and that the area was known as an open-air drug market notorious for a high volume of shots fired and other gun-related crimes. 

The First Amendment & Law Enforcement
April 13, 2022

Our legal update today discusses an important case in understanding how the First Amendment affects law enforcement in modern times – Nieves v. Bartlett. 

The benefits of the Public Safety Accreditation Process
March 29, 2022

Public Safety accreditation is defined as the voluntary compliance with contemporary, internationally recognized standards for operation and administration.

Let's not jump to impoundment
February 22, 2022

Today our case handles a situation involving a protective order and an impoundment. Because our case took place in the Tenth Circuit, there are some pretextual guidelines to consider when it comes to vehicle impoundment.