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Hall of Fame

Wyoming Law Enforcement

Hall of Fame


To recognize the accomplishments and deeds of individual law enforcement officers in their service to the citizens of Wyoming.



  • Significantly  contributed to the Wyoming law enforcement and the people of the State of Wyoming. Nominees must have had an impact beyond the community they served and their influence must have been recognized statewide.

  • Served as a certified commissioned law enforcement officer for a Wyoming law enforcement agency.


Any certified, commissioned peace officer of a Wyoming law enforcement agency who served in a Wyoming law enforcement agency.


Nomination for this honor may be made through law enforcement agency, county commission, city/town council, or other government division which has a law enforcement support element to its operational mission. Nominations will be forwarded to a selection committee consisting of five (5) members representing:

  • State Law Enforcement Agency

  • Municipal Law Enforcement Agency

  • Sheriff's Office

Final nominations shall be reviewed for approval by the executive boards of the Wyoming Association of Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police. Nominations shall be submitted in writing with the name of the nominee, department, career history (dates served), and a description of the reason the person is being nominated for this honor. 




Induction into the Hall of Fame is not limited to one nominee per year.

This page is currently being updated and does not reflect all who have been inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Lori Emmert

Ernie Johnson

John Bey

Larry Majerus

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