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Award Recipients

Badge of Courage

The Badge of Courage is Awarded to persons who distinguish themselves by exceptionally meritorious service in the performance of outstanding services or achievements; for the law enforcement community that significantly supports or enhances the accomplishment of the law enforcement mission and the quality of life of Wyoming citizens.

Nominations and Selection Process

Nominations for the Badge of Honor Award and Badge of Courage Award may be made by any WASCOP member.  Nominations shall be made in writing to the executive board and specifically describe all acts and services rendered that will meet the awards criteria and full identify any persons or organizations served by these actions.


The WASCOP executive board shall review all nominations.  There must be clear and convincing evidence that all required criteria have been met.  Upon the presentation of such evidence the award may be made upon a unanimous vote of approval by all executive board members.


The awards shall be presented by the Governor of the State of Wyoming at a time and place mutually agreed upon.  It shall be the responsibility of the WASCOP executive director to make all such arrangements for the award ceremony and appropriate media coverage of the event.  


The award shall consist of a plaque bearing the WASCOP emblem; a top rocker stating 'Badge of Honor' or ‘Badge of Courage’; the name of the award recipient and the date awarded.

In addition a certificate signed by the Governor is presented to the recipient. The certificate contains a citation formally detailing the achievements for which the individual is being recognized. The WASCOP executive director will draft and the executive board will approve what the citation will say for each award. Due to space limitations on the face of the certificate, the citations are usually seventy words or less. 

If the recipient is an active duty peace officer the award will also include a service ribbon to be worn on the uniform.  The executive board shall authorize and adopt the design of specific ribbons for each award.

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