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Hall of Fame Inductee - John Bey

John’s career in law enforcement began in 1965, in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, where he hired on as a Patrol Officer with the Police Department.  He continued his career in Wyoming from 1967 through 1982, as a member of the Wyoming Highway Patrol, starting as a Trooper and receiving a promotion to Patrol Sergeant in 1975.  John’s 18 years of law enforcement service gave him a wealth of experience to draw from when he was elected Sheriff of Converse County in 1983.   

During Sheriff Bey’s six (6) terms (1983-2006) as leader of the Converse County Sheriff’s Department, he invested his life in the betterment of law enforcement in Wyoming.  Sheriff Bey participated in the Wyoming Peace Officers’ Association (past president), Tri-State Peace Officers Association (past president), Wyoming Search & Rescue Council, Wyoming Sheriff’s Association (Past President), Wyoming Sheriff’s and Chief’s Association and the National Sheriff’s Association, as well as having been appointed to the Governor’s Drug and Alcohol Advisory Council.  A great deal of John’s focus while addressing law enforcement needs through these organizations was on creating more unity among law enforcement in Wyoming.  It was during his tenure as President of the Wyoming Peace Officers Association that he joined efforts with then Chief’s Association President Larry Majerus to join the Sheriff’s Association and Chief’s Association into the single entity it is today. 

Sheriff Bey’s experience and sensitivity to the special issues facing Wyoming’s elected law enforcement officials prompted him to develop a training program to help newly elected sheriffs face the specific challenges of their office.  He introduced the “Newly Elected Sheriff’s Training Conference”, and the training has become an essential part of stepping into the office for new sheriffs.    

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