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April 28, 2023                                                            

After 20 years of service as our executive director, and a lifetime of public service to citizens throughout the state, the Wyoming Association of Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police is proud to recognize Byron Oedekoven in his recently announced retirement for a career of meaningful and lasting contributions to our organization, its members, and on

behalf of law enforcement across Wyoming.
Byron’s boundless devotion and impassioned leadership has

lifted to prominence the voice of WASCOP and Wyoming law

enforcement both throughout the state and across the country.
Among the many accomplishments and career achievements

over the years, Byron has remained steadfast in his commitment

to promote awareness and ensure the effective resolution of a

variety of critical issues facing not only Wyoming ’s law

enforcement officers, administrators and the profession at large,

but also all those we are entrusted to serve.
As a past president and our executive director, Byron imparts

WASCOP with a positive and powerful legacy that will

undoubtedly serve many future generations of our organization’s leadership as an important guidepost in navigating the ever-changing landscape of providing forthe public safety and what it truly means to protect and serve.
On behalf of our board of directors and our membership, the Wyoming Association of Sheriffs
and Chiefs of Police offers our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to Byron for his selfless
service to the communities, counties and citizens of this great state, and we wish only the best
to you and your family in your next adventures.


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WASCOP represents its members at the federal, state, and local level through members serving on boards, commissions, and coalitions, representation at the Wyoming State Legislature, and charitable activities across the state on behalf of our members.

Objectives and Purpose //

To identify, evaluate and address common challenges faced by public law enforcement agencies located within the geographic boundaries of the State of Wyoming and to secure
cooperative action in advancing the common purpose of the members of the association.

Meetings //

The Association holds membership meetings three times a year. The first meeting of the year is in conjunction with the Wyoming Legislation in Cheyenne. The second meeting is in conjunction with the WASCOP Leadership Conference each April, and the third is in conjunction with the Wyoming Association of County Commissioners in September. Other meetings of the executive board and committees are held throughout the year.

Strategic Intentions //

The WASCOP Board of Directors and members help the association in conducting work throughout the State of Wyoming to fulfill the mission of the organization.  The committees are:


  • Legislative

  • Training and Education

  • Law Enforcement Issues

  • Current Issues

  • Traffic Safety

  • Finance

  • Member Services

Legislative Activity //

WASCOP is responsive to the needs and requests of the Wyoming State Legislature for information on public safety issues. WASCOP’s primary activity is to provide information to individual legislators and committees as they consider legislation. WASCOP monitors committee activity, proposed legislation, and provide testimony for clarification of issues as our Legislature considers laws and policies that affect public safety and law enforcement statewide.

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